Cake Flavours Available

1) Vanilla Butter cake
with Vanilla Buttercream or Chocolate Ganache

2) Chocolate Moist cake
with Chocolate Ganache or Vanilla Butter cream

3) Rainbow vanilla sponge layer cake
with Vanilla Butter cream

4) Coffee-Coffee Cake
with Coffee or Mocha Butter Cream

5) Red velvet Cake
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6) Orange poppyseed cake
with Zesty orange butter cream

7) Vanilla or Chocolate Cake
with salted caramel filling

8) Flourless chocolate almond cake
with Chocolate Ganache

04 September 2011

First Firsts.

Bonjour mon petit Macarons!

Hope you all have filled up on Hari Raya Goodies! I for one can't say that it's been a Happy Hari Raya until I've had my fill of pineapple tarts! yum!

As promised, I'll share with you some of my "firsts". My first Love and my first Baby.

My First Love.
I was initially very reluctant to start off anything because I knew how time consuming it would be and how it involved sleepless nights but when I was told I had no choice, I submitted my form to join the Malaysian Baking and Confectionery Challenge : Wedding Cake Class.

I loved this cake; baked it with care, caressed the fondant until it was smooth, did numerous amounts of testing before we settled on a design. Sleepless nights spent with My First Love are in retrospect the best nights I spent in the Pastry Kitchen.

I spent a lot of time with my First Love. Coming up with the concept and bringing it to realisation. I could rehash what I've said before but I think the words that flowed out of me originally before seems to be the most powerful. The entry was posted on my personal blog under the title "Enter The Dragon"

My First Baby
My First Baby was a labour of love. I was nervous as anything wondering not only how to make it, but how to make it beautifully. Spent overnight painting the gold details on the LV bag.

I carried it gingerly for fear it would break to pieces. Wrapped firmly in fondant and painted it with care. I felt so proud when I delivered it to the restaurant, as proud as  any parent would be at it's child's recital!

This was my first baby, I put it out into the world and since then I havegrown and learnt a lot. I am still not done. I still have so much more to learn, many more challenges to rise to and many more pitfalls to climb out of but seeing as it has been 12 years since I started my craft, it is nice remembering first firsts. 

Au revoir til next time sweeties!


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