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01 September 2011

1 Year, 1 Party, 1 Dream : FREEDOM

Hello My little Cupcakes!

Last night, I went to a fantastic party called FREEDOM Merdeka Eve at Marketplace (Jalan Yap Kwan Seng here in KL) organised by Underground Soundz (UGS). This is also FREEDOM's 1st Birthday Party. They've been organising parties for a year now and to mark the occasion, I've been asked to bake and make the cake!

though this isn't the first time I've done it for FREEDOM (First time was the FREEDOM Christmas Eve Cake)

FREEDOM is a party for (but not restricted to) the pink crowd in KL who prefer harder beats on the dance floor and knowing what ups and downs UGS has faced through the past year, I knew exactly what kind of cake to make.

  • A big number 1 to represent the year (duh)
  • The UGS logo (oh lordie how am I gonna do this one justice)
  • The gay pride rainbow flag with the words FREEDOM emblazoned across it.
  • Oh and it's gotta have pink in it somewhere (or everywhere)
  • And lastly, it needed a phrase, a sentence. Something that will tie in everything succinctly. I'm not the best copywriter in town but I gave it the old college try. 

At the same, I also came across a lovely pink ombre cake online which I had become obsessed with. It was a cake with gradations of pink buttercream piped in ombre style swirls. So it was a kinda perfect as finishing flourish to pretty-up the cake.

Making and baking this cake made me think of milestones. One can get misty-eyed when remembering things (good or bad). First firsts. Do you remember the day you got your first pay? Do you remember the first time you met the love of your life? Your first kiss?The first record you ever bought?  Do you remember the time when you knew exactly what you were meant to do in life?

I will share with you two of my Firsts. My first Love and My first Baby. But that will be in the next post people!

In the mean time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREEDOM!! and Congratulations to the Underground Soundz team for making it an unparallelled Success!!

Oh, and here are the pictures of the alleged cake too for you to see. ;-)

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Oran Bilsen said...

Did he mention that the cake tasted f**king delicious?

WaZZa said...

The flavour profile of the cake has it's charms but on the whole the eating experience should be rather adequate.