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21 November 2010

Introducing...Cocktail Cupcakes

Playing around with new flavours excite me to no end. This time round, for a late brunch (almost dinner) with some good friends MJ, Joanne and Christian...Joseph came a bit later. I made some alcohol flavoured cupcakes for them.

After watching Masterchef this morning, with their Challenge being Cupcakes, I made some of my own master creations *self applause*

Introducing the two latest flavour studs in the Cakery's stable!

The Irish Rosebud and the CrazyZestyCool.

The Irish Rosebud is a cupcake made with Bailey's Irish Cream, topped off with a two chocolate (milk and dark) ganache and decorated with a milk chocolate rosebud and Coffee Buttercream.

The CrazyZestyCool is a Vanilla Cupcake slathered with Absolut Tropics  (a delicious tropical fruit-scented vodka I found in the Duty Free Shops at Jakarta's Soekarno-Hatta International Airport) and lemon syrup. Then topped off with a Zesty Lemon Buttercream and Toasted Hawaiian coconut flakes.

The alcohol gave the cupcakes an added moisture and gives the whole flavour combinations more depth of taste.So for all you alcoholical drinkers out there.. come and try my Cocktail Cupcakes!

I can imagine other delicious combinations! Rum Raisin Cupcakes are the norm.. think more along the lines of Mojito Cupcakes, Cosmopolitans maybe even a Guinness Cupcake!


louisebah said...

Wazza!!! You are brilliant!! I want to order some to collect on Friday Dec 3!!!


WaZZa said...

Thanks Girly! I'll get some ready for you just tell me how many you need! :-)

Online Cake Order said...

wow… that is awsome.