Cake Flavours Available

1) Vanilla Butter cake
with Vanilla Buttercream or Chocolate Ganache

2) Chocolate Moist cake
with Chocolate Ganache or Vanilla Butter cream

3) Rainbow vanilla sponge layer cake
with Vanilla Butter cream

4) Coffee-Coffee Cake
with Coffee or Mocha Butter Cream

5) Red velvet Cake
with Vanilla Butter cream or Cream Cheese Frosting

6) Orange poppyseed cake
with Zesty orange butter cream

7) Vanilla or Chocolate Cake
with salted caramel filling

8) Flourless chocolate almond cake
with Chocolate Ganache

01 April 2008

Chef in Black in Shangri-la KL!

Met Chef Emmanuel Stroobant!!!! To those not in the know he's the Chef in Black on the Asian Food Channel ( Channel 703 on Astro). He worked here in Shangri-La KL for a food demo for California Raisins. He is left handed like me too!!! hahahah and he is hillarious, charming, funny as well as oh so pleasing to the eyes. I got a pic with him and his Pastry Chef who is actually the quiet cute one as well. Yummy. Worked with him for three days and it was the best 3 days of my entire working career! and I've got the autograph to prove it too! I'm a happy boy! YAY!!

I've been promoted to Chef De Partie position at the Pastry Kitchen. MUAHAHAHAHA I've got more power!!! You know what they say, Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely. Ah I shall not forget the little people who I've stepped on to get to this level. hahaha! Kidding! I've been waiting for for ages. I thank God for this blessing.

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Dee at Sweet Scarlett said...

so too late,but congratz ya Chef he.he please let me introduce my self.i am dee
from jakarta.have been in Kuala Lumpur at 2002. its a adorable place. btw,please do come to my food blog,chef! thx.