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1) Vanilla Butter cake
with Vanilla Buttercream or Chocolate Ganache

2) Chocolate Moist cake
with Chocolate Ganache or Vanilla Butter cream

3) Rainbow vanilla sponge layer cake
with Vanilla Butter cream

4) Coffee-Coffee Cake
with Coffee or Mocha Butter Cream

5) Red velvet Cake
with Vanilla Butter cream or Cream Cheese Frosting

6) Orange poppyseed cake
with Zesty orange butter cream

7) Vanilla or Chocolate Cake
with salted caramel filling

8) Flourless chocolate almond cake
with Chocolate Ganache

07 August 2007

McCake (retro-post)

Joseph called from work to ask whether I'd like to make a cake for McDonald's 25th Anniversary in Malaysia. Of course I would, and this would be a GREAT PLATFORM to show my skills and get noticed, sadly, we didn't get any free Big Macs or Chicken McDeluxes. We did however come up with a McCake.

So Happy Birthday McDonalds! You're 25 Years Young!

Definition of retro-post, n - A posting on a blog which contains cakes which have been made by the authors of the blog before the blog came into existance.

1 comment:

Mervin Lee said...

Warren dear! You lost a lot of weight!