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All the Cake Flavours Are Here

All the Cake Flavours Are Here
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25 July 2007

Happy Birthday Joseph! Happy Birthday Nana!

Here's a Happy Birthday Wish for Nana and Joseph. Both of whom share the same birthdate, albeit 16 years apart. Hope you guys like the cakes.

Being a fan of Nickelodeon's Hannah Montana, I decided to make a twist on it. Nana's cake was a moist carrot cake with cream cheese topping, less sweet according to the little Miss, oh boy she's gonna be a model yet! Anyone wants to photograph a really photogenic and cute 10y/o girl for a modelling contract? :-)

Joseph's cake was considerably more..uhm.. adult. His was a rich chocolate fudge cake. Actually done by my friend Colin because I had to distract Joseph from the fact that we were having a surprise party for him.

Happy 10th and 26th Birthday to two people whom I hold dear in my heart.

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