Cake Flavours Available

1) Vanilla Butter cake
with Vanilla Buttercream or Chocolate Ganache

2) Chocolate Moist cake
with Chocolate Ganache or Vanilla Butter cream

3) Rainbow vanilla sponge layer cake
with Vanilla Butter cream

4) Coffee-Coffee Cake
with Coffee or Mocha Butter Cream

5) Red velvet Cake
with Vanilla Butter cream or Cream Cheese Frosting

6) Orange poppyseed cake
with Zesty orange butter cream

7) Vanilla or Chocolate Cake
with salted caramel filling

8) Flourless chocolate almond cake
with Chocolate Ganache

18 August 2014

LIVE!!!...and the beginning of my cake career.

I should start calling this blog Lazarus...for the amount of times it's been resurrected from a dead blogging life. Maybe it's just that I haven't had much to say since...

Flashback to 2009...
Me in my chocolate and cream stained chef whites and my flour stained steel-toed safety shoes (these were more like construction worker boots than chef clogs).


Sitting outside on a bench smoking my umpteenth cigarette, into hour 15 of my day which started at 6am this morning. Wondering what the hell made me into a soulless pastry drone.

I love pastry! I have a burning passion for it! But this job was surely killing it... Locking it inside a walk-in freezer and letting it die a slow death. I had to get out. I simply had to, otherwise I would lose all this pastry love..

Most of what I know about pastry from the hotel was about baking cakes, doing plated desserts, making show pieces, doing chocolate work and doing dessert buffets, cake decorating were few and far between. 

We had a special cake Artist Chef for that, and even he had an assistant. So the rest of us pastry drones would only have a chance of working with fondant during festivals ( Hari Raya, Chinese New Year & Christmas) and when a royal family member need a huge cake (bearing in mind, a 10kg cake is considered a small size). During those times, it was all hands on deck, making fondant decorations 'til the wee hours o' the mornin' all to have it ready by the next day.

Through that, I learnt to cover a cake in fondant, learnt to mix gold dust with vodka/lemon extract to make edible gold paint, learnt to hand make 500 pink roses for a cake (because the Permaisuri loves pink). So I had the basics down pat. 

Every time I was needed at the cake decorating station, I jumped at the chance. Wether it be for a 20kg, gold covered cake for the King or to make an X-rated cake which no one else wanted to do because they'd essentially be making edible porn. I would dream of making fantastical cakes for anyone celebrating anything!

Suddenly,  in my mind, I see hope... in the shape of a beautifully decorated cake with gold painted fondant detailing and handmade roses. This will give me the fuel to stoke my fire again. I shall be a cake decorator....nay I shall be a cake specialist!!

So I quit my job at the 5-Star city hotel working endless hours in the building's basement!

I decided to strike it out on my own.
I decided what cake I wanted to do,
which customer I wanted to take on
how much to charge!

I mean, everybody KNEW I did pastry and cakes, right? And I had, had some personal cake customers already! It'd be a cinch! I'd be rolling in customers!

Unfortunately, it wasn't the case, in the beginning. There were months where I'd make only 2 cakes. Which sucked financially. I lucked out having saved money from working all those hellish hours so I could sustain it living frugally for awhile, although it didn't seem frugal at the time. 

I was also living with friends at the time, who are fabulous people and also living with my better half, all in the same condo unit. 

Baking cakes takes up kitchen space and kitchen time. I felt like I was taking advantage of the situation to say the least. But they were all really great, gracious and generous with my "weird baking times", my "making a mess in the kitchen", my "leaving the dishes to pile up in the sink" and all to help me advance my career of making edible artistic cakes and also for first hand dibs on any hot-from-the-oven cakes and cookies.

It was hard at times, it was challenging to say the least and it was a learning curve approaching, what it felt like, infinity, that I would have to ride through to become the caker that I am today. 

I still have a lot of ways to go but I surely am happier, more creative and best of all.. 


18 September 2011

A Cake-Maker's Thanks

Meet BeBear. He just wants you to Love him.He is always holding a surprise behind him.He's a good BeBear. The Cake Specialist loves BeBear. Won't you Love him too?

A Cake-Maker's Thanks

A year has passed,
Another year older.
The candle is blown,
Another year wiser.

13 September 2011

Ordering your Cakes gets MUCH easier!

**First 20 Customers that place an order via the Cake Specialist's Online Ordering Form 
shall get a 20% Early Bird Discount on their Orders! :-) So what are you waiting for!.**
T&C Applies 

Hola My little Cupcakes,

Well, I've got an online form now!

Click Image to Reach our Form!
So you may request for a no-obligations quote or you may order your cakes and cupcakes here!

Here's What the Form looks like 

Click on This Too to Bring you to Our Form!
It's just a basic form and might (read: will) need altering and jazzing up. However this will eliminate quite a few questions that you may have with regards to flavours, minimum orders etc etc.

I will get back to you a.s.a.p with the quote! *fingers crossed* Then we can proceed with the business end of the order (ie payment/address/map etc).


Cake Specialist

04 September 2011

First Firsts.

Bonjour mon petit Macarons!

Hope you all have filled up on Hari Raya Goodies! I for one can't say that it's been a Happy Hari Raya until I've had my fill of pineapple tarts! yum!

As promised, I'll share with you some of my "firsts". My first Love and my first Baby.

01 September 2011

1 Year, 1 Party, 1 Dream : FREEDOM

Hello My little Cupcakes!

Last night, I went to a fantastic party called FREEDOM Merdeka Eve at Marketplace (Jalan Yap Kwan Seng here in KL) organised by Underground Soundz (UGS). This is also FREEDOM's 1st Birthday Party. They've been organising parties for a year now and to mark the occasion, I've been asked to bake and make the cake!

23 March 2011

Memories are Sweet and Sweets make Memories.

Me, two years old and dying for cake.

Cake flavours are like fashion, they cycle in and out with new twists when it get rehashed and reborn.
I remember a time when I was young, 4-6years old and the cake flavour was Banana Walnut cake. It wasn't only because my mum, Beatrice, made it for all five of the kids birthdays and my Dad's birthday but it seemed that there were people who were coming around letting my mum taste their banana-walnut cake, like at a state-fair only with my mum as the judge.

23 November 2010

Eat My Art!

 For your Child's next party or any gathering with kiddies... why don't you have an interactive Cookie Decorating Station? where your little Picassos can decorate their own cookies! 

21 November 2010

Introducing...Cocktail Cupcakes

Playing around with new flavours excite me to no end. This time round, for a late brunch (almost dinner) with some good friends MJ, Joanne and Christian...Joseph came a bit later. I made some alcohol flavoured cupcakes for them.

20 November 2010

Have Yourselves Some Merry Little Cupcakes.

Joyce had me kickstart my Christmas pastry decorating. Her kids G and E were having a party at the kindy where they attend.

17 November 2010

Sabah Inspired Cupcakes

Mimi said she wanted some more cupcakes but wanted to explore a different flavour. So I suggested a classic one. Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. With Walnuts and Raisins and made with Olive Oil, because I like how it smells when it's baking. Heaven!